My Finishing Tips and Tricks using Odie’s Oil & Wax

I love a good oil finish and have used many different brands over the past few years. Each product has their own use and application and has pro’s and cons. Im writing this on Odies Oil and Wax.

The application process of this oil is very easy and great results can be obtained with very little time and effort. The finish is very user friendly, smells great and can be applied with your fingers. I probably use more than i should but the results are great. The guys at the company are also very kind and easy to talk to. They sent me a few samples for me to try on my work and im pretty satisfied. My most recent build for Jason Kane, The Roasted Maple guitar uses this finish almost exclusively. I say almost because i’d previously used Tru oil which, while it looked great, just wasnt what i was after. it darkened the wood far too much and obscured the figure. I sanded it all down to the wood and started applying Odies oil. The back of that guitar was sapele which has large open pores which might have been filled initially with the tru oil even after sanding to the wood.


The oil im using is the Original oil, not the oxi. From what i gather from the consistency, it does contain wax, so i’d imagine if you were considering another top coat on top, it might not be possible. Anyone feel free to correct me please.

First, prep the wood. I sanded to 220 before the first coat. Odies recommend sanding higher up to 1200 for maximum shine. Since i was going for a more subdued satin finish, my sanding topped out at around 320-400.

You’ll need some synthetic steel wool. 000 and 0000 / grey and white scotchbrite pads. you’ll be using these to rub the finish into the wood with each application. Grey pad for the lower grits, and 320 grit and up you’ll use the white pads to apply the finish.

Keep in mind these are my methods which get me the results that i am happy with. these arent the official instructions by the company.

  • 220 Grit- Apply two coats a day apart. Rub in with grey scotchbrite pad then let sit for an hour or two then buff off and let dry.
  • 320 – I apply four coats total, two one day and two the next. using the white scotchbrite.
  • for the next higher grits up to 600 i’ll use just one coat every day until i reach my desired grit.

After that i’ll use the Wood Butter which is basically the oil with a higher wax content. i’ll rub that in and let it sit for two hours or so then i’ll buff off. I felt only one coat was necessary. After that i used Odies Wax. its a hard wax and is applied just as any other wax. Swirl a pad then scrub on the body, let it sit then buff off after an hour or so. repeat if necessary. I typically do two coats of hard wax.

Out of all the oils, this brand seems to be the easiest to get a great result. Any questions, feel free to leave a comment or PM me.